Youth For Future Is An Organization Focused On The Young Generation To Preparing The Next Future Leader For Indonesia.
Indonesia Youth Ambassador Chapter Korea Selatan 2018
Indonesia Youth Ambassador (IYAS) adalah sebuah kegiatan yang diinisiasi dengan tujuan untuk memperkenalkan budaya Indonesia khususnya batik kepada dunia Internasional.
Indonesia Youth Teaching Program
March 27-30, 2018 in Malaysia
Future Leader Camp Batik Festival 2018
21-25 Januari 2018 Kyoto, Jepang




Youth For Future is an organization focused on the young generation to preparing the next future leader for Indonesia. In the process of work, we are focused to build a strong understanding of the role of youth for making Indonesia better by becoming the agent of change. During the program we build the real meaning of youth character that should we have as the leader and personated like the real changemaker.


Deskripsi Lomba

Lomba opini Nasional “PRESIDEN YANG DIRINDUKAN “RAKYAT” INDONESIA” diadakan oleh Youth For Future pada tanggal 12 Agustus – 30 September 2018. Lomba ini diadakan dalam rangka menjaring ide kritis anak muda dalam melihat fenomena politik Indonesia dan melihat sisi kerakyatan yang dirasakan oleh masyarakat Indonesia.


Firdaus Rizaldy Rizky

“Future Leader Camp Batik Festival (FLCBF) has created memories and new experiences for me. I met with new friends which now turns into family, i learnt something about understanding people, how to solve problems, and how we respect other country’s culture. FLCBF has innate ability to change the way I view the world.”

Best Speaker FLCBF 2018

Rayhansyah Haikal Wishnumurti

“It’s a new experience. When before you go to Japan and meet some Japanese people empty handed, now you have some friends, their friends, and something to talk about which is Batik. At first I took the opportunity sight unseen; I have no idea what are we going to do. But, once we did, I knew it worth every minutes, worth every seconds for our own culture.”

Best Delegates FLCBF 2018

Norberta Yekti Setya Nastiti

“Spending a few days with commitee and volunteers at FLCBF 2018 was incredible experience. Being here gives me opportunity for personal growth, learning about Japanese culture and make life long friends. And absolutely made me passionate about my culture and proud of Batik Indonesia.”

Pemenang Persahabatan Putri Batik Nusantara 2017